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4130 Steel

AISI/SAE 4130 steel is a medium carbon specialty alloy steel with exceptional hardenability characteristics making it quite versatile from a mechanical property standpoint.  4130 steel is used as-rolled, annealed, normalized, or quench, and tempered for various applications.  It can be readily machined and offers good strength and ductility without compromising abrasion and impact resistance.  4130 steel has superb ductility when spheroidized annealed- low yield to tensile ratio offers good formability characteristics in a stamping press for example. 4130 also offers good atmospheric corrosion resistance due to the addition of Cr.

As a 4130 steel supplier, Siegal Steel will be happy to source 4130 slit coil for you in the as-rolled or annealed condition for your application. 

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Physical Properties 

4130 is part of the 4100 series family of steels with approximately 1% molybdenum/chromium by mass. Exact chemical breakdowns will vary by mill but will fall within the following ranges: 

  • 28 – 0.33% Carbon
  • 80 – 1.10% Chromium
  • 40 – 0.60% Manganese
  • 15 – 0.25% Molybdenum
  • ≤030% Phosphorus
  • 15 – 0.35% Silicon
  • ≤ 0.04% Sulphur



Typical Metric

~Ultimate Tensile Strength (spheroidize anneal)

65-80ksi (450-550MPa)    /  85HRB max hardness

       ~As rolled/normalized

85-110ksi (590-760MPa)  /  88-98HRB hardness

       ~Quench and tempered

Up to 200ksi (1375MPa)  /  Up to 42HRC hardness

~Yield Strength (spheroidize anneal)

45-60ksi (310-415MPa)

       ~As rolled/normalized

65-85ksi (450-590MPa)

~Elongation at Break in 2in (50mm)


       ~As rolled/normalized


 CEV (carbon equivalent)




4130 Steel Coil Industries

4130 steel performs best as structural steel and is vital to manufacturing, welding, cutting, and other high-stress, high-temperature applications. It is commonly used in the following industries:



4130 Steel Coil Applications

For applications such as:

  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Mills and cutters
  • Drill bits and taps
  • Aircraft brake components
  • Clutch plate
  • Door latch
  • Gears


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