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Oscillate Winding

Oscillate Wound Coil

For over 20 years, Siegal Steel has provided oscillate wound coils, also known as traverse wound coils. In oscillate winding, coils are slit according to the necessary specifications and wound in an oscillating fashion onto spools. Throughout the traverse wound coil slitting process, multiple coils are welded together, from end-to-end, creating one large coil.

The goal of oscillate winding & slitting is to produce a longer length of metal strip wound onto an individual spool. This reduces coil setup time, increases productivity, and decreasing the risk of damage due to excessive handling.

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Steel Grades and Types

Steel grades and types that can be oscillate wound:


Oscillate Winding Capabilities

  • Edging:  #3, #4, #5, #6
  • Width: .500” – 2.000
  • Coil ID: 20”
  • Coil OD: 58”
  • Face: 6” – 18”
  • Thickness: up to .250
  • Weight: 7000# max

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What is Oscillating Winding?

Oscillating refers to the winding, end to end, of several ribbon wound steel coils on a drum.

The combination of welding several coils in this manner creates one larger and heavier coil than a ribbon wound coil. The width of the finished oscillate coil is called the face and can be preselected by the customer.

Oscillating can be accomplished by winding slit coil or oscillating after the edging process. Sometimes, oscillating is called traverse winding.

Each wrap winds alongside the previous wrap. The process of oscillating is much like winding a home garden hose on a reel. When done properly, the winding looks like a solid perfectly symmetrical wider coil. Oscillating is typically done on finished steel widths of 2 inches or less.

Advantages of Oscillate Slitting & Winding

  • Increased Production Runs
  • Longer Run Times
  • Fewer Changeovers
  • Reduced Labor
  • Increased Coil Yields
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Decrease Potential Damage from Excessive Handling of Coil
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Reduced Setup Time
  • Productivity Increases

With Siegal Steel's JIT stocking oscillate wound slit coil solutions, customers have the ability to increase inventory turns and efficiently use their Working Capital. Curious about how this Just-In-Time Delivery program has helped our customers? Click here to read more. 

Steel Oscillating Coils Applications

Oscillate Winding has applications in support of stamping operations cutting across all industry classifications.  The simple rule of thumb is if you are consuming at least a truckload of material using a standard width and gauge of metal, then the economics are clearly in favor of oscillating.  We have oscillated customers in a wide range of industries:

Why Oscillating?

When using oscillating coils in a stamping operation

loading times are reduced by up to 100%

Steel that is oscillate wound creates a finished coil that is up to ten times the length of a ribbon wound coil. When using oscillating coils in a stamping operation, loading times are reduced by up to 100 %.  Oscillating combined with edge conditioning the strip, assures a camber free tightly wound coil such as Siegal Strip, which is ideal for shipping.

Cost Savings of Oscillating (traverse winding)

Oscillated coils, also known as traverse wound steel coils, assure more footage in each coil loaded onto an uncoiler. Loading times for ribbon wound slit or edged coil many times can be 15 minutes or more. By loading one oscillating coil with up to 10 times the linear footage, such as Siegal Strip, loading times can be eliminated for hours at a time. When adding burden rates allocated to loading time as well as the opportunity cost of tying up a press, oscillated coil may result in savings of up to 100% in production times for metal stampers. This represents a step forward for customers working toward lean manufacturing techniques.

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