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Full Hard Steel Coil

Full Hard Cold Rolled Steel Coil Supplier

We know you'll sleep easier knowing that your production requirements are backed by over 50,000 tons of custom-designed steel, sourced from the finest steel producers worldwide.

Each full hard cold rolled steel coil is designed to your exacting specifications and has your company's name, part number and size already on it before it even hits our processing equipment.

  • Strength, Yield Strength ksi (MPa), Tensile Strength ksi (MPa): need  to enter data
    • For higher strength and lower weight, consider High-strength, Low-alloy
  • Formability: % Elongation: Low (deliberately), Hardness ≥ RB85
    • For better formability consider Drawing Steel
  • Corrosion Resistance: Good
    • For better corrosion resistance, consider Coated Steel

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What is Full Hard Cold Rolled Steel?

Full hard steel has been cold-reduced to a point where yield and tensile strength are nearly equal. 

This means that the steel is hard and strong and does not deform.

Elongation is <2%, typically; the last operation is either a tandem cold reduction mill or a cold reversing mill.  Hardness is typically at least RB85.   

In the full hard condition, steel can be roll-formed, galvanized or both.

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Why Use Cold Rolled Full Hard Steel

  • Steel Grades: Cold Rolled, High Carbon, HSLA, Low Carbon, Stainless Steel
  • Edging: #1, #3, #4, #5, #6
  • Width: .375” – 2.000
  • Coil ID: 20”
  • Coil OD: 58”
  • Face: 6” – 18”
  • Thickness: .250
  • Weight: 7000# max
  • Recommended for: Flat parts that require a hard surface.

Why Siegal?

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Not only does Siegal Steel ensure your full hard cold rolled steel coil is designed to meet your exact standards our culture is centered on customer service and we have been recognized as an industry leader. With a track record of successfully managing the requirements of customers' KANBAM and JIT stocking programs as well as expertise in oscillate winding and edging, Siegal Steel is a valued partner. We also offer quick turnaround times to meet expedited delivery times to ensure our customers get the right product right on time. 

Cost Savings

Oscillated coils assure more footage in each coil loaded onto an uncoiler. Loading times for ribbon wound slit or edged coil many times can be 15 minutes or more. By loading one oscillating coil with up to 10 times the linear footage, such as Siegal Strip, loading times can be eliminated for hours at a time. When adding burden rates allocated to loading time as well as the opportunity cost of tying up a press, oscillated coil may result in savings of up to 100% in production times for metal stampers. This represents a step forward for customers working toward lean manufacturing techniques.


Our knowledge and experience give your organization accurate delivery of High Carbon, Low Carbon, Stainless Steel products processed and packaged to your exact specifications.

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