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Steel Edging

Quality Edging Solutions

AISI edges: #3, #4, #5, #6

Products: Ribbon Coils, Oscillate Coils, Cut Lengths

Thickness: .040 - .250

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Siegal Steel provides edge conditioning for slit steel coils of high carbon steel, low carbon steel, HSLA and stainless steel.  All of our services are backed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

What is Steel Edging?

Siegal Steel produces round edge steel strip by precision slitting flat rolled master coils to exact customer specification. By contouring the slit #3 edge from slitting, Siegal Strip goes through a series of flattening rolls, round or square edging rolls, additional temper rolls, camber straighteners, and leveling rolls. Steel edging is a process completed after slitting and contours the product by means of all of the aforementioned stands to produce a perfect flat straight steel strip.

Siegal Steel’s product name for steel edging is Siegal Strip. It is useful to note that steel edging does not scrape the steel. Steel edging rolls the slit edges of slit material with a series of dies that rolls the slitting burr together to form a uniform edge. Siegal Strip, our version of steel edging, may be produced with a number 4, or number 5 or number 6 type edge. Common terms for steel edging edges are round, square, and deburred.

Steel Edging can be produced as a straight length in many desired lengths, as a ribbon wound coil, or as a traverse wound oscillate coil. The process of steel edging is useful on hot rolled low carbon, high carbon, cold rolled, and stainless strip.

Why Steel Edging? 

Our customers find that steel edging creates a very close tolerance product for many applications. Whenever our customer needs tighter width tolerances than industry standard, steel edging can be the answer. Siegal Strip, produces tighter than standard gauge tolerances by means of gauge correcting thickness variations. We do this by using our temper mills in line on our edging equipment. Our powered edging dies alter the width tolerances per customer specifications and our camber straighteners and levellors assure a perfectly straight tight tolerance product. This is steel edging at its best.

Cost savings of Steel Edging?

Steel edging assures that our customers receive closer than standard width and gauge tolerances than a slit steel product. This means that die life is enhanced.

Our customers save money by ordering an edged steel product in their desired multiple. Our customers can save even more money by buying Siegal Strip, our steel edged product, in coil. Finally, our customers can save the most by using oscillate traverse wound steel edging. By welding the tails of steel edged coils together and wound in a traverse manner, customers may reduce their loading times by up to 100% or more. The cost savings ensure that traverse wound Siegal Strip save more than the process cost. Steel edging at its most economical.