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High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA)

HSLA Steel Inventory

Steel Grades: 50, 60, 70, 80

Thickness: .045 - .250

Width: .5” – 72”

Products: Ribbon Coils, Oscillate Coils, Cut Lengths

Processes: Edging, Slitting, Annealing

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Siegal Steel provides additional cost savings by developing stock and release programs of HSLA steel coils that match your inventory needs.  Contact us today for additional information.

What is HSLA steel?

HSLA is a type of steel that is more resistant to corrosion and rust than carbon steels. HSLA Steels are made to specific mechanical properties rather than a chemical composition. HSLA steels are very strong and tough. HSLA steels are used in cars, trucks, cranes, bridges, and other structures where a better strength to weight ratio is important.

Why HSLA steel?

Because of its mechanical properties, High Strength Low Alloy steels can be used to save weight, yet increase strength.

Cost Savings of using HSLA steel?

By using thinner, lighter steels with increased strength, high strength steels give more footage and thereby lower cost per pound.