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Low Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel Coil

Siegal Steel develops stock and release programs for all grades of low carbon steel coils for additional cost savings. Contact us today for details. 

Strength, Yield Strength ksi (MPa), Tensile Strength ksi (MPa):

  • For higher strength and lower weight, consider High-strength, Low-alloy (HSLA)

Formability: % Elongation:

  • For better formability consider Drawing Steel

Corrosion Resistance:

  • For better corrosion resistance, consider Coated Steel

What is Low Carbon Steel?

Low-carbon steel, also known as plain-carbon steel and Mild Steel contains a small percentage of carbon (0.05–0.25%C).  It is the most common form of steel because its price is relatively low while it provides material properties that are acceptable for many applications. In applications where large cross-sections are used to minimize deflection, as in large structures, failure by yield is not a risk so low-carbon steels are the best choice.

Low carbon steel contains up to .30% carbon and less than .60% manganese on most grades and are malleable and more ductile than higher carbon steels. When in hot rolled form cannot usually be ordered to specific hardnesses.

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Low Carbon Steel Grades inventory

  • Grades: 1006, 1008, 1010
  • Thickness: .040 - .250
  • Width: .5" - 72"
  • Tempers:m #1, #2, #3, #4
  • Products: Ribbon Coils, Oscillate Coils, Cut Lengths
  • Processes: Edging, Slitting, Annealing
  • Recommended for: Structures where large cross-sections are used to minimize deflection, as in large structures, failure by yield is not a risk.

Why Low Carbon Steel?

This is a very commonly specified grade of steel. Low carbon steel has increased formability and ductility. It is widely available from many sources around the world.

Cost Savings?

Low carbon steel will improve tool life more than higher carbon steels. It will typically have little or no grade extras when purchasing the raw material. This allows for greater cost savings.

Why Siegal?

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Siegal Steel has differentiated itself from competitors by providing industry-leading customer service, solving customer problems in the most cost-conscious manner. We have a proven record of successfully managing clients' stock & release programs like KANBAM and Just-in-Time, providing additional cost savings by ensuring you don't have product sitting in your facility going unused. With quick turnaround time and these inventory management programs, we ensure you have the right product at the right time. 


Our knowledge and experience give your organization accurate delivery of High Carbon, Low Carbon, Stainless Steel products processed and packaged to your exact specifications.

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