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Steel Slitting

Precision Steel Slitting

Thickness: .040 - .250

Width: .500" - 72"

Coil ID: 20"

Coil OD: 72"

Coil Weight: 40,000# max

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Siegal Steel has unique capabilities to slit very narrow high carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, and HSLA.  We can ensure burr free slitting in coils ranging in widths of .500" up to 72".

What is Steel Slitting?

Using master coils up to 72” wide, accurate steel slitting produces narrow customer specific widths and winds the cuts back up onto a recoiler. The slit coil is then securely banded and removed for further packaging. The process of steel slitting requires machinery with enough mass to accurately slit the steel with uniform edges without burr. Each steel slitting machine has a rated capability to cut only so many cuts at a time. It is important that the steel slitter does not operate at its maximum rated capacity. This will tax the equipment and produce a poor product. A steel slitter that does not have enough torque and mass to cut thicker metals will produce poor edges. Siegal Steel has heavy gauge steel slitting machines that ensure an accurate and clean edge for customer processing.

Why Siegal Steel Slitting?

Siegal Steel has unique capabilities in slitting. Siegal features a turret headed Braner slitting line that is capable of cutting .312” thick mild steel. The three heads can handle coils up to 72” wide. In addition, Siegal Steel’s arbors are large enough to ensure that there is no deflection in the arbors or in the knives. This ensures burr free slitting. In addition, Siegal’s experienced employees know the proper horizontal and vertical clearances for all thicknesses and grades of steel. The steel slitting produced at Siegal Steel minimizes shape and edge problems. High carbon tooling and accurate setup means edges do not have excessive beveling.

Cost Savings of Steel Slitting?

Because Siegal Steel’s three slitting lines are capable of slitting many cuts at a time, Siegal reduces the number of passes through the machine and makes for a competitively priced slit coil product. In addition, Siegal’s accurate slitting assures that issues related to edges with excessive burr and camber are minimized. Our tension stand and looping pit mean that coils are tightly wound and uniform for product quality. A truly superior product.