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Annealing High Carbon Steel

Annealing Capabilities

Steel Grades: High Carbon Steel

Processes: Steel Slitting

Products: Ribbon Coils, Oscillate Coils, Cut Lengths

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High Carbon Steel Annealing provided by Siegal Steel induces softness to high carbon steels including 10B38.

What is High Carbon Steel Annealing?

Annealing is a heating and cooling operation usually using a relatively slow cooling process. A master coil is loaded into a closed controlled furnace and heated up to a specific temperature that is determined by the grade of the steel and the type of anneal that is required. It is held at this temperature for a prescribed period of time and then is slowly cooled for a predetermined period of time.

The grains of the steel after rolling have become elongated and brittle. The annealing process grows the grain back to a spheroid shape enhancing the formability of the material. The process is called spheroidized annealing because of the transformation of the grains.

Why Anneal High Carbon Steel?

The advantages of annealing are to remove stresses, induce softness, alter ductility, toughness or other physical properties. Annealing is also used to produce a definite micro-structure and to refine the crystalline structure. The most common advantage is increased tool life and the ability to form difficult parts by cold forming.

Cost Savings of Annealing High Carbon Steel

Annealing gives our customers a softer and more ductile product to process which results in longer tool life and less downtime caused by tool maintenance. Annealing also allows for the cold forming of difficult parts which is more efficient than hot forming these parts. The annealed steel product that our customers receive is more uniform than an as rolled product allowing presses to perform at higher speeds.