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Commonly asked questions about oscillated coils and edging:

What’s the biggest advantage?

Using Siegal Strip round edge oscillate coil can reduce loading time by up to 10 to 1.

Will oscillate coils be cambered?

Absolutely not. Thanks to our computer controlled equipment, Siegal Strip oscillated coils are typically less than one half standard camber tolerances.

Is there a weld and how do we handle them?

Our welds are marked with iridescent paint. You can easily identify the welded parts. Discuss the type of weld and how to handle your application with your Siegal representative.

Do we need special uncoiling equipment?

No! An uncoiler reel that can handle 4000# would be ideal. The bigger the coil you can handle the better the load time. Using some brake tension while running assures a perfect job with almost no handling.

How much value is there for me?

Many jobs have been shown to run 50% faster with oscillated Siegal Strip. One customer reported 100% improvement in total time. In addition, our customers now have the opportunity value of using their equipment for other jobs.

What are the best sizes to run?

Siegal Strip in oscillate wound coils are available up to ¼” X 2” wide. The narrower the better. Coils are standard at 12” face.

Why Siegal Steel??

We are a company with a regional market focus. This means a tight focus on you. You are important to us. Other companies cannot give you the personal attention that we can.

We are problem solvers. With over 60 years in the business, we will partner with you to solve those difficult issues. We are here to help and give you the edge.

Our quality standards remain among the highest in the industry. We are proud of our reputation and our ISO quality achievement.

What value proposition does Siegal offer?

We will be focused on you and your customers. We will be a pro active problem solver. We will never compromise our quality. We guarantee fast deliveries and responsiveness.

What grades of steel does Siegal handle?

Siegal has become a specialist in sourcing many high carbon grades. We regularly inventory 10B38, 5150, and 4130. We continue to sell our low carbon steels as well.